Tips for Coping with OCD

OCD, while not completely curable, can be treated. The focus area is usually reducing compulsive behaviours and helping with distressing thoughts. The key aim is to reduce symptoms to a manageable level and teach certain coping skills to the individual for the future. Follow the 3-3-3 rule Look around you and name three things you […]

Combinations & Common Obsessions and Compulsions of OCD

OCD can be divided into different types based on the nature of the symptoms experienced. Some of these symptoms appear to be relatively stable over time, while some may develop later on. Some symptoms are typical to a particular subtype, but it is not uncommon to experience symptoms of other subtypes at the same time. […]

OCD – Causes & Effects

What causes Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Like many other mental disorders, the exact causes of OCD are not yet known. However, recent studies into those affected by OCD have suggested that genetics and brain differences play a role. The environment of the individual is also crucial in determining the cause of OCD, posing a risk factor.  […]