How To Know If You Suffer From Panic Disorder


Panic Disorder is a type of Anxiety Disorder diagnosed in an individual when they experience panic attacks out-of-the-blue. Due to the spontaneous nature of these panic attacks, an individual with Panic Disorder becomes preoccupied with a fear of a recurring attack.

A panic attack is an intense sense of fear accompanied by its immobilizing intensity. During a panic attack, your heart pounds, it becomes difficult to breathe, and it feels like you are going to die any second. Some patients have described it as “feelings of having a heart attack.”

The duration of an attack differs between individuals. A panic attack will peak within 10 minutes and then symptoms start to subside. Most attacks last for around 30 minutes.

You may be suffering from Panic Disorder if:

1. You frequently experience panic attacks that aren’t due to any specific situation

2. You are preoccupied with worry about having another panic attack

3. You are behaving differently due to these panic attacks. For example, avoiding places, people, or things you believe caused the panic attacks.

The good news is, there are many treatments available to help you or your loved ones! These treatments include therapy in which a counsellor/therapist will help you in identifying your triggers and overcoming fears. Medication is also a major help in controlling panic disorders!