Tips For Coping With Depression

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While those with severe depression might need a combination of antidepressants and therapy, those with mild and moderate depression might find some help in positive lifestyle modifications. Some techniques that have been shown to help individuals with depression include:

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise has been shown to help prevent and treat depression for those with mild to moderate symptoms. Research has also shown exercise to be a good first line of treatment for such individuals.

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and working out rigorously. Even walking for up to three hours a week can help you.

Reducing Stress

It is important to identify what events/activities stress you out so that you can use stress-reducing techniques to cope with such events.

Sleep Routine

A healthy sleep routine is very important to maintain balance in your body and hormones and is a good way of preventing depression. The human body needs around 7-8 hours of good sleep to function efficiently. Developing a sleeping routine is always the first step.

Eating Habits

As has been pointed out above, individuals with depression tend to experience a change in their appetite. Research has increasingly shown a link between mental health and diet. Improving your diet which is rich in nutrients and vitamins could be key to improving your symptoms.

Build a Support Network

Knowing you can count on your friends and family to help you in times of need goes a long way in treating depression. This might mean you have to forge stronger ties with your friend and family or participate in a depression support group.


Those with severe depression might find it important to get on antidepressants and other medications as prescribed by a psychiatrist. These medications help stabilise chemical imbalances that are making the symptoms worse.

Online Counselling

If these tips still don’t work, reach out to Mindworks Counselling for an online counselling session.

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