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15-minute sessions are distress counselling sessions with the aim to provide Emotional First Aid when in distress with quick tips and providing a treatment plan for those looking for a trial to how therapy sessions will help them.

60-minute Therapy sessions are custom made treatment plans by understanding the patient's issues and creating a treatment plan based on individuals therapy goals.

Meet our Counsellors


Dimple Kishnani

Dimple Kishnani is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and a Psychometrician with a wide and extensive range of expertise for various clinical disorders. She is also working in areas like relationship counselling and performance coaching with 12+ age group.

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Komal Uttamchandani

Komal Uttamchandani is a Clinical Psychologist who applies her knowledge of psychology to design training programs for corporates. She also deals with personality development and provides training so that you can excel in your private and professional life. 


Nikeeta Shah

Nikeeta Shah has pursued MA in clinical psychology. Her inclination towards experiential form of therapy has led her to specialize in Gestalt therapy and NLP along with usage of various kinds of therapies helps her take an eclectic approach towards helping the clients.

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Timken Rajpal

Timken Rajpal excels as a Counselling Psychologist. Her core areas of work are Child Counselling and family Counselling. She has an enriching experience of being a child counselor and dealing with issues of children, teenagers and managing parental problems.