4 Things To Expect from A Therapy Session

chairs in a rooms

Have you always considered visiting a counselor but don’t know what to expect? Or do you feel nervous, scared to see a professional?

So many thoughts running through your mind, “What exactly is going to happen? How is talking going to help me? Will I have to lie down on a sofa? Is hypnosis involved? Why can I just talk to a friend?”

Chances are that you have tried talking to your besties and some family members. You’ve asked for guidance and advice and none of it has seemed to work out!

Sometimes, going to therapy is a last resort options for individuals going through a crisis! And that is okay! We are here to guide you!

You can go to a profession for any challenges you may be facing. There’s a myth that only if you are serious, will a professional see you. However, that is not true. People can go to a counselor for guidance at any point in time

Here are some of the things to expect from a therapy session:

1. During the first session, the counselor will typically ask some questions to know more about you and your past. This information helps him/her to assess the situation. They can ask questions related to your current situation, your past, past incidences, why you opted for therapy, etc

2. You will do most of the talking. Therapy is about you, you are in charge of what you share with the counselor. The more you share, the more the counselor will be able to understand the situation and help you in a better way! You may feel that all this talking will not help, but trust us, it does!

3. You can expect everything to remain confidential! A therapist is required, by rules and codes of conduct, to keep information discussed during therapy, private. The information you share will remain between you and your counselor.

4. You most probably will receive some homework to do at home. It can include applying what you have learned during therapy or a task. Try your best to complete the homework, as it will benefit you!

Remember, therapy is a team effort. Together with your counselor, you will set goals you wish to work towards. If you take an active part in the session, you will find the experience valuable and worth it! Remember to be open, be prepared, and ask questions!