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“Is this ‘normal’ teenage behaviour or does my teen need help?”

You may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the best route to help your teenager. The teenage years are naturally filled with complex challenges as teens begin to explore their unique identities while also dealing with pressures from every angle.

Here at Mindworks, we meet teens where they are at. We know that teens are a time of quick development and the biological, psychological, and social changes that define this time period can feel very overwhelming for teens and for their parents. While it is natural to observe some fluctuations in moods and behaviours as teens navigate through identity formation, certain behaviours and choices can be indicative of potentially more serious concerns.

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • Does your teen seem less interested in activities that used to bring joy?

  • Has your teen started avoiding school or social events? Or perhaps your teen is making more frequent trips to the school nurse?

  • Does your teen seem exhausted all of the time?

  • Have you noticed an increased preoccupation with grades and perfection?

  • Does your teen appear irritable – does it seem like ‘every little thing’ sets them off?

  • Are you concerned that your teen may be self-harming or engaging in risky behaviours?

  • Has your teen been having a more difficult time remembering things than in the past?

  • Does your teen need support while exploring gender or sexual identity?

  • Are you worried about your teen’s developing social skills?

  • Does your teen seem to be less motivated these days? Have you noticed changes in grades or perhaps behaviour problems at school?

  • Are you worried about how your teen may be adjusting to recent changes in your family structure due to separation, divorce, and/or remarriage?

  • Is your teen struggling with insecurities and self-esteem concerns?

  • Are you worried that bullying may be an issue?

  • Has your teen experienced a trauma? (*please see more information below regarding our speciality trained adolescent therapists in this area).


Our trained adolescent therapists help teens and families learn how to deal with all the stresses and pressures that come with the territory. Through supportive therapy, teens can find a safe, private place to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings independently. It can be very powerful for a teen to have a neutral, objective person to talk to and share their stresses, worries, and fears with, without worrying about burdening their parents with all of the details.

Through therapy, teens learn how to identify and label their emotions, how to make sense of their thinking and behaviour patterns, how to implement effective coping strategies, and how to understand the relationship between their bodies and mind. In doing so, teens also learn healthy ways to express themselves emotionally, how to cope with stress, how to communicate more effectively in their relationships, and how to feel more confident in themselves and their abilities.

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