Anger Management and Stress Management

Anger is a commonly experienced emotion for us all. However, when we don’t know how to control our anger, it hijacks our lives and we tend to displace anger onto people around us or on ourselves - leading to damage to our health, relationships, reputations, and even our opportunities at work. 


Anger Management is a therapeutic program that helps you to prevent and control your anger. The goal of anger management is not for you to learn to suppress your anger. Rather, it is to understand your emotions and learn how to express your emotions in a healthier way without losing control.


If you feel that your anger is starting to impact your relationships and impact different parts of your life, you might want to consider anger management to learn how to handle anger better.


Stress is your body's way of responding to any kind of demand or threat.  when you perceive a threat in your surrounding, your body automatically starts responding to it by preparing you to work in "fight or flight mode". Prolonged stress reflects on physical symptoms where one might have constant headaches, neck or back pains, fatigue, and emotional effects like agitation, frustration, feeling helpless, and overwhelmed. Apart from having an impact on both your physical and mental health, distress also affects your performance and productivity. 


Although it all seems a lot to take in, you don't have to handle it all alone! We're here to help you manage your stressors more efficiently. Using a vast variety of techniques from all schools of psychotherapy, you and your therapist will together work on making you equipped with all the coping strategies required to handle the inevitable. Stress itself is a perceived notion. Meaning, if a situation is stressful for you, it might not necessarily stress out the other person to the same intensity. Knowing this, we work on perceiving the situation from different lights to make better sense of it and to move ahead without carrying mountains on our shoulders. Through therapy, not only will you be able to handle the stressful situations of your life, but you'll also get a great insight into your character strengths and the beautiful parts of you those situations have brought out!

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