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10 Simple tips to manage stress

We know that stress affects our physiological health. However, sometimes, we do not realize that stress is affecting our mental health as well. You may think that an illness is causing your headaches, irritability, insomnia, or your lack of productivity at college or office, but stress may be the actual cause.

Your thoughts, feelings, behavior, mood are all determined by the amount of stress. Some psychological effects include memory problems, inability to concentrate, lack of judgement, constant worrying, negativity, unhappiness, agitation, irritability, anger, sleeping more or less, eating more or less, procrastination, etc!

The key to stress management is to take control of your life, your thoughts, emotions, and how you deal with stress!

Here are 10 self-help techniques that will help you to regain control and relief stress immediately: 1. Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal/or a text 2. Listen to music - lay back or sit down and focus on the music 3. Go for a walk or go to the gym 4. Watch your favorite movie or TV show 5. Listen to a podcast 6. Call someone you trust 7. Close your eyes and picture a place that feels peaceful 8. Spray your favorite perfume/cologne and breath it in 9. Give yourself a neck massage 10. Indulge in a small piece of chocolate All these techniques are quick, easy, and can be done on the go!

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