Parenting Issues

If only we had a parenting manual! Life would've been so much easier then. Unlike older times, the beliefs and values of the current generation are changing, and so is the dynamics of parenting. Nuclear families, ever-increasing economy and its demands along with a sheer competition to provide your child with the best of everything, is all too taxing to handle together. With all the cobwebs around, sometimes directly or indirectly, parenting itself becomes the most challenging aspect of one's life. And then, there's no turning back from this route.


Few of the many problems in parenting that one might face are:

• Inability to manage work and take out time for children 

• Inability to feel connected to the child

• Difficulty managing a child's tantrums 

• Difficulty managing a child with physical/ mental difficulty/disability.

• Constant fights with child and unable to be on the same page

• Difficulties being a single parent or managing it with an absent partner.

And the list goes on.

We believe that there isn't one particular, perfect way of parenting. It needs to be altered according to the child's needs, personality, and uncontrollable situations in life. The dynamics of parenting changes with time and the growing age of the child.

Our approach- we start by understanding you first, the challenges you face in parenting, and other aspects of your life. Considering all of that, we'll together figure out how to navigate through them and come up with solutions better suited for you and your child.

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